6. Horseback riding - Hafnarfjordur

Going horseback riding is a very good day-activity. No matter if you have tried it before or not, you can find a trip that suits you. For young children it is possible to try horseback riding by sitting at the horse and have someone to lead by reins. For others a trip from one hour up to a whole day trip can be found. There are various places where you can go horseback-riding. One place is Ishestar (Ice-horses) in Hafnarfjordur.
Close to Ishestar, there is a small lake, Hvaleyrarvatn, where my kids love to play. Throwing stones out in the water, wade as far as one can get or just running around.
After the activity, go down town in Hafnarfjordur. It is sometimes called 'the Viking village'. They have a viking-restaurant, Fjorukrain which is worth visiting. It is also very nice walking around downtown or down to the harbour.
End by swimming at the newer swimming pool in Hafnarfjordur, Sudurbaejarlaug.